Core Spring 3.0 Certification Mock Test 2

This test has been updated in July 2012 following user feedback to ensure all questions are in scope for the test. As before all answers are fully referenced back to official Spring 3.0 documentation. All syllabus topics covered from the real exam: Container, Test, AOP, Database, JMS, JMX, Web, MVC, Remoting etc.
Category Certification / Mock test
Keywords Java, core spring 3.0, certification mock test
Tags spring
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Test takers 4816
Average score 50.24
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Guru ikoko
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Candidate Reviews

02 Feb 15: test
23 Jul 14: Difficult
28 Jun 14: great
26 May 14: Very good Question....
30 Dec 13: Does not relate to exam syllabus - many questions out of scope.

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