J2EE Architect Certification Practice Test

This free practice test will help you to prepare for Sun Certified Enterprise Architect(SCEA) Certification (Part 1)CX 310-052.
Category Certification / Mock test
Keywords J2ee architect certification practice test, J2ee architect certification questions
Tags j2ee j2ee architect
Questions 22 - Free questions
Test takers 595
Average score 26.39
Rating (3/5)
Guru j2eeGuru
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Candidate Reviews

25 Feb 13: good
Ritesh S
19 Feb 13: It looks like security and legacy system related questions only with java 2, today it is Java 7 and JEE 7 about to come. Needs to upgrade the test first.
11 Oct 12: 2
04 Sep 11: The sample questions do not represent the test taken. The questions are too vague.
01 Mar 11: v.good

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