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Twitter, Texting and Technology can cost you in SAT writing

January 9th, 2011 No comments

Perhaps, one of the biggest advantages of internet and Web 2.0 technology is that SAT preparation is now conducted online, in virtual classrooms and candidates get an easy access to all the resources on the World Wide Web, without the need to even move out of their home. The biggest disadvantage is the rate at which the spelling and grammar rules are being tossed about. People do not scruple to omit the crucial comma where it is required, easily do away with ‘an’ before a word starting with vowels just to reduce the word count or do not give a single ounce of thought before defying the rules of subject-verb agreement.

Not using internet, mobile phones or social media forums is not an option at all. The 21st century that we live in is all about these technological marvels and many more. At a time when kindergartens are experimenting with iPads in classrooms, it has become necessary to take actions to preserve the integrity of the language. It is tougher for the SAT test takers because in their endeavor to tackle mathematics, critical reasoning and writing sections, they face regular challenges due to their flawed grammar and spellings.

Listed below are a few examples of the common spelling and grammar errors: Read more…

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