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What could be the May 7 SAT Curve?

April 21st, 2011 No comments

Well, SAT curve is getting deadlier, or shall we say the SAT curve is able to cause more casualty than ever? The March 12 exam left the test takers with some bitter experiences, with regard to the SAT essay that asked the students to present their views on the reality television shows that have gained so much popularity.

Students keep worrying over the SAT curve questions. They ask their mentors as to when the toughest tests are administered. They search online with queries like “is October SAT the toughest?” or “should I take the SAT after May?”

Well, the thing that always works in the favor of students is that they prepare astutely and sincerely for their exam and leave out nothing. Regular testing, analysis of scores and good SAT vocabulary are things that keep them safe from the entrapment that the test setters prepare for them.

However, the reality show essay question for 12th March, 2011 exam has once again left one third of the students nonplussed and forced other students and their mentors to speculate as to which section will be ideal for SAT testing curve for the May 7 exam. Will it be the all time favorite SAT math where there are endless opportunities for experimentation? Or this time around a special surprise is in store in the questions in critical reading and vocabulary section?

Well there is no way to predict as to which particular section will be more difficult than the rest of the sections. Analyzing previous years’ trends proved to be futile in case of the previous month’s SAT Reasoning Test because nobody had expected the College Board to experiment with essays questions, that too for only one third of the total test takers. The remaining two third had regular essays prompts.

Therefore, once again we advise you to study well and give the exam with an open mind, without panicking and losing your patience.

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March 12 SAT Curve: No Scope for Nerdiness

March 28th, 2011 No comments

The notorious SAT Curve took everybody by surprise yet again. Only that it wasn’t exactly a reason to panic and what appeared as a boomerang hurled at the students (or 1/3 students) by the SAT testing authority, could have proved to be a blessing in disguise!

This time SAT curve, for March 12 SAT test schedule, did not aim the SAT math section or the critical reading section. The students went bonkers to see what lay before them as a SAT essay prompt. Some students were elated with joy while the others felt like being stabbed in the back!

The SAT essay prompt on reality television scenario and their authenticity, especially when it is quite apparent Read more…

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SAT Curve: When do you take your SAT??

January 15th, 2011 No comments

Parents and students are often heard asking, “When is the best time to take SAT?” In all earnest, it is not a very tricky question to answer but various free tips and strategies doing the rounds in the school campus and on the internet often complicate the matter. There are various myths attached with the “when” of not only real SAT exam but also with the preparation. So much so that ambitious 7th graders start taking this aptitude exam on the behest of their overly ambitious parents. Are you wondering at what age do they start their preparation? How does 5th grade sound? Even if you were inclined to do it, you would not call it the trait of a highly motivated student to begin preparing for an aptitude and critical reasoning exam as early as this.

SAT exam is conducted six to seven times in a year and every exam on the SAT Curve is as good or as difficult as the next exam. SAT paper setters do not make variations in the difficulty level of paper in accordance with the time of the year. It is only a myth that exams conducted during the fall are tougher than those conducted in the spring are. Though there are a few suggestive strategies for the students in the sophomore year, but they are only founded on the ground of re-testing, should the need arise.

How early is too early?

Basically, sophomores are advised to take the test in December or January of their senior year. This will give them the opportunity to sit for April/May exam if their scores are less than what are required to get into the dream institution. Those giving the SAT exam of April/May will surely have their results in time for the university application process. There is nothing worse than not being able to apply for admission to a college just because your SAT scores are still not declared. Even if at a later date you realize that it is your highest score SAT till date, it will hardly be of any use to you for that particular academic year.

Good time to start the preparation is around six to seven months before your SAT exam date. During this period, you will not only need to brush up your mathematics, vocabulary, grammar and critical reasoning skills, but also undergo thorough SAT testing.

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SAT Math Curve: Original to Recentered Scale

November 17th, 2010 No comments

SAT scores are based on a student’s percentile relative to other students taking the same test. The percentile score of each student is converted into a score ranging from 200-800. These scores are based on a bell curve.

Because all scaled scores are reported as rounded scores, all equivalents should be considered close approximations. When actual scores are calculated, precise formulae are used to generate the scaled score. Students will retain the same rank order compared to other students even if their numerical scores change. The scores are equivalent in terms of the level of reasoning ability they represent.

Use this table to convert individual SAT I: Math Test scores on the original scale to equivalent scores on the recentered scale.

SAT Math ScoresHere are some SAT Math Practice Tests for you to check out.

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