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Social Media Sites are Influencing the College Admission Process

April 30th, 2011 No comments

With half the world’s population interacting with each other through social media websites, it was only natural for the admission committee members and the students to use this domain as a means to aid the admission process. This does not only hold true for undergraduate admission, but also graduate admission to all kinds of courses such as MBA, medical, law etc.

The percentage of admission recruiters using the social media for the admission purpose is far greater than you can imagine. According to the recent survey, this figure is around 80 percent. Compared to the traditional means of attracting students through education fairs, social media is doing relatively well, though the former still rules the roost with 94 percent of recruiters using the education trade fairs for admission purpose.

Facebook is the clear cut winner in this realm with 82 percent admission offices flocking on to Zuckenberg’s site for admission process. Twitter follows next with 56 percent, followed by YouTube 56 percent. The growing influence of Facebook and other sites can be seen from the fact that 21 percent of colleges are formulating social media specific admission policies while 13 percent have already developed such policies and are implementing them.

Now, many students are losing their sleep over the probability of their social media profiles influencing the AdCom’s decision and as a result, they are cleaning up there profile to popularize a clean, untainted image. When asked, whether these online profiles influence the admission decisions negatively or positively, 62 percent of the officers said that these profiles increase the chances of admission, while 38 percent said that they influence the admission decision negatively.

Read how social media affects your admission chances.

As stated earlier, not only undergraduate students but also students seeking admission to graduate level courses are affected due to the reigning influence of social media networks, with maximum intensity of influence seen in the law courses (15 percent). The MBA programs, which are easily the most popular post graduate programs, account for only 9 percent.

Now, the best part is that the admission candidates often send the friend request to the admission officers. Good 80 percent of the officers said that they received the friend request from the prospective students. What do the students gain with this? Track the preferences and ideologies of the admission committee members and tailor their application and interview responses accordingly? Well, that is just a speculation.

Rather than sending the contact request to the admission officers, students can visit and join the official social media page of the institutes you have send your applications to and stay updated about the latest developments related to the admission process.

How social media can affect the undergrad college admission

March 8th, 2011 No comments

What is the first thing do you do after getting home, when you have met an interesting person at a social outdo and all you know is the person’s name or the email id? Simple, you check his/her presence on the Facebook or Twitter and try to know all you can through the person’s profile.

Whoever told you that college admission interviewers and application reviewers cannot do the same? In a survey conducted by Kaplan, it has been revealed that close to 80 percent colleges in the country take into account the student information available on their social profiles and other online platforms while taking the admission decision. Read more…

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