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Checklist for “The SAT Test Day”

So you are ready, you want everything to run as smooth as possible on this, certainly one of the most important days of your life – The SAT Test taking day. You have organized, reviewed, practiced for every section, but sometimes no matter how well prepared you become, a last minute disaster may break on anyone. 

Here’s some reliable advice to help equip students with a checklist they need to avoid any last minute mishaps.

Advance Planning for the SAT Test Day

1. Organize Test ID

2. Admission Ticket

3. Pencils, Calculators and other supplies

4. Check for standardized procedures and schedule to be followed during the test.

5. Double Check for everything the night before you leave home.

6. Sleep Well

7. Eat a hearty breakfast.

8. Arrive the test center no later than 7:45 a.m. unless the Admission Ticket says so.

Checklist:  What to Arrive With to the Test Center

It is most important to be organized with everything that you need to bring for the test beforehand. You must bring:

1.       Admission Ticket

2.       Acceptable Photo ID

3.       No. 2 Pencils only;  no pens or mechanical pencils are allowed

  • Essays written in pen cannot be scanned and receive a score of 0.
  • Mechanical pencils might punch through the answer sheet and the marks they make cannot be guaranteed to scan properly

4.        Erasers ( 2-3 are good)

5.       Calculator with fresh batteries ( and a cleared up memory! Aah yes only for the calculator)

6.        Snacks to munch on the 2 or 3 short breaks in between

7.       A backpack to store the munchies in.

8.       Extra batteries for the calculator.

9.       Watch (without an audible alarm)

Checklist: What Not to Arrive With to the Test Center

The following items are not permitted inside the test room:

  • Cell phone, pager, PDA, iPod, MP3 player, and any other digital or electronic equipment. Students are not permitted to use a cell phone even during the breaks
  • Scratch paper
  • Notes, books, dictionary
  • Compass, protractor, ruler, or any other aid
  • Highlighter or colored pencils
  • Camera or other photographic equipments
  • Timer or watch with audible alarm

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