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10 Reasons to Hire an Online Tutor

May 1st, 2013 1 comment

In today’s blog we have shown an interesting info-graphic created by HWA, which depicts some good reasons to accentuate the need to hire an online tutor and solve the learning needs of students in today’s education scenario.


Image Credit: Help with Assignment.

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Teachers can find avenues for additional Income on the internet

April 10th, 2013 No comments

Teaching can be a very satisfying and rewarding career. Every single day in a teacher’s life is like a new lesson opened, as he has to think of innovative ways to bring forth his knowledge to teach his disciple. Being an educator fills a vital need in every child’s development. However, the pay that many teachers receive does not adequately reflect their efforts and contributions they make to the society, which has forced many to look for employment opportunities in addition to teaching. A good number of teaching professionals have thus realized that working online is profitable, convenient, and can be very easy to access with just a little knowledge about the Internet. Teachers already deal with many tasks online as they utilize the Internet to research information on a theme that they may want to cover in the class.

Earning for tutors

Today’s post covers some such avenues on the internet, that the teachers can look for, to make additional income.

  • Sell educational content on Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers pay Teachers is an online open marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational resources in downloadable formats. It is a unique site that allows interested teachers to sell their thematic lesson plans, teaching guides, research papers, worksheets etc online to other teachers. Any teacher from any discipline at any grade level can take up membership here. Basic membership is free while Premium members are charged a minimal registration fee.

TPTBasic Sellers earn 60% of their gross sales less the transaction fees, while Premium Sellers earn 85% of their gross sales and do not have to pay any transaction fees. Sellers get paid on a quarterly basis via Pay Pal. currently has about 300,000 items for sale in addition to more than 80,000 free resources. More than 1 million teachers have bought or sold items on since its inception. Site founder Paul Edelman confirmed that teachers have earned $5 million in sales during August and September. After paying for the site fees, teachers have collectively earned more than $20 million on the site since it was founded.

  • Build and sell courses on Udemy

Udemy is an online platform that gives instructors a place to design courses on any topic they want to teach. Instructors can use video, PowerPoint, PDF, audio, zip files and live classes to conveniently build a course and share their expertise with anyone across the world, with an internet connection. Udemy brings to the Internet real opportunities for passionate people as it allows not only instructors affiliated with educational institutions, but anyone with a common objective, to potentially earn money for teaching audiences across all kinds of categories and subjects. Paid instructors receive 70% of the revenue from course sales, while 30% is retained by Udemy.

According to Udemy, teaching is the new way to make six figures on the Web . The 2-year-old, San Francisco based start-up claims that their top 10 instructors have individually made more than $50,000 in revenue last year, while the top instructor has earned $200,000. Udemy has 6,000 courses created since its launch in 2010 and there are more than 70,000 lecture views every month. Taking a look at the salaries of top 10 instructors on Udemy confirms success in their objective. Read more…

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How is technology impacting student learning

March 29th, 2013 No comments

Education has seen many technological advances over the last few decades. Studies have shown that technology improves performance and motivates students, making learning more meaningful. Combining education and technology creates a more stimulating learning environment and ameliorates confidence.

But has constant use of digital technology by the students, started to interfere with learning? There is certain urgency in answering this question. Today’s overly digital generation calls for re-looking at the actual and potential relationship between technology and student learning.

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This interesting presentation on PREZI, created by JiEun Yoo, takes you through the effects of digital technology on learning.

There is a widespread belief among teachers that students’ constant use of digital technology is hindering their attention span and ability to handle pressure when put forth with challenging tasks. Different surveys of teachers have revealed that today’s students are not skilled enough to think critically or synthesize information they find with the aid of technology. Teachers who did not participate in the surveys re-emphasized their findings in interviews, adding that they had to work harder to capture and retain students’ attention these days.

The research conducted by two well known research organizations Pew Research Center and Common Sense Media, studied that media use among children and teenagers ranging from 8 to 18 years age group has grown so much that on an average they spend twice as much time with screens as they spend in school. The researchers however note that their findings are subjective opinion of teachers and should not be taken as a conclusive proof that widespread use of digital gadgets affects students’ ability to concentrate. However, the researchers who performed the studies, as well as scholars who study technology’s impact on behaviour and the brain, emphasize that these studies are significant because of the vantage points of teachers, who spend hours a day observing their students.

Hope Molina-Porter, an English teacher in California, is worried that technology is deeply altering the way students learn. Having an experience of 14 years in teaching accelerated students, she has noted a marked decline in the depth and analysis of written work in her students. She wonders if teachers are adding to the problem by adjusting their lessons and teaching methods to accommodate shorter attention spans.

Many teachers have expressed the fact that today’s relatively easy online research process has resulted in fewer original thoughts, less critical thinking, and not as much actual synthesis of information by their students.  They point out that students find information online and just copy and paste them directly into documents, without adequately analyzing it.  This not only elevates concerns about their understanding of concepts and practice of unfair plagiarism, but also worries some teachers that students are not developing adequate ability to think critically about the information they supposedly research on. A brief list of the areas of concern as seen by the teachers is given below:

  • Students’ overexposure to gadgets accompanied by the use of latest technology has resulted in multi-tasking that often contributes to lack of focus and weakened ability to retain knowledge.
  • Students do not prioritize enough time for critical tasks, and often rely on the various digital tools available at their disposal, to waste time and procrastinate, giving rise to concerns over their time management skills.
  • Some students’ addiction to online gaming and video games exhausts their time and attention.
  • Overexposure to digital technology is not really contributing to make students more technologically literate or more efficient.
  • Students have grown so accustomed to getting quick answers with a few keystrokes that they are more likely to resign when an easy answer eludes them. Read more…
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How Can Students take advantage of Online Tutoring?

March 29th, 2013 No comments

Learning from online tutors has become a much sought after method . Today’s competitive and swiftly paced life, steeped with stress, has forced many parents to consider online tutorials as an additional tool to meet their children’s educational needs. Massive growth in the use of Internet based technology has accelerated the popularity of online teaching. Teaching today’s youth is no longer encumbered by borders. Online tutoring implies imparting education through the means of computer, high-speed broadband connection and other technological inputs. With the help of web interface, the student and the tutor indulge in the process of interactive learning.

Online tutoring

Before investing significantly in a dedicated online tuition, both the student and the parents have to measure the effectiveness of online tuition and identify the benefits of using internet as a tutoring platform, over the traditional method. Today’s blog details some pros and cons of taking online tuition to promote academic excellence in students.

Advantages of online tutoring to Students:

  • Online tutoring connects the student with a skilled tutor, which relieves parents of the challenge to find someone locally. A good tutorial service provider allows the student to choose his/her own tutor. Parents can be convinced about the quality of tuition the tutor may provide by having a thorough look at his profile and credentials.
  • Lesson plans, comments from tutors, diagnostic tests, and instructional content for learners are defined by the tutors. Parents can also access the same to check on the progress of their child.
  • Highly qualified teachers from remote locations can cater to demands of students in widespread areas. For e.g.: A tutor in mid west can teach a student in New York even with a 2 hour difference in their time zones. Tutors from remote areas may even offer competitive pricing as compared to tutors in New York.
  • Students can choose to take lessons at their own convenient timings and pace.
  • Tutorial services also offer one tutor per student. This is immensely helpful, since some students lack certain competence that can be positively concentrated on, when individual attention is paid to them. Through dialogue with parents, diagnostic tests, and a personalized learning plan, students can receive the type of instruction they particularly need even in advanced subjects like Maths, Statistics, Science..etc.
  • Tuition is provided by the same qualified tutor just as in regular one-to-one tuition but there is no geographic boundary. Neither the student nor the tutor spends valuable time traveling to reach each other.
  • Online tutoring is often more affordable than hiring someone to come home  to teach or work with the child at school. Private tutoring for a student in US can cost anywhere from $100 an hour or even more, while an online session with an online tutor would cost $30 an hour on an average. Registering for a monthly plan may prove more economical.
  • Schools and Universities are increasingly using online tools as teaching resources. Children become familiar with this style of learning for the future. Read more…
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Online Tutoring Platform Sofatutor Raises VC money

September 24th, 2012 No comments

Online tutoring is becoming popular and investors are jumping into the bandwagon.

Online Tutoring Platform Sofatutor Raises has raised Mid Single-Digit Million Euro’ Round From Acton Capital Partners. Sofatutor is based out of Germany . Founded in 2008, Berlin-based Sofatutor offers learning content through more than 7,700 videos. It claims 30,000 users — pupils and students throughout Germany — who use the site to help them with their homework and prepare for exams
Source techcrunch
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