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Adapting online courses to ease burden on colleges

May 2nd, 2013 No comments

ipadRealizing the potential of free online college classes, and with an increasing interest to let more students access to college and help them graduate on time, educators are working on the measly task of harnessing online materials to meet the toughest challenges in American higher education.

To address issues on financial consequences along with the reducing the number of seats available in public institutions, and keep students on track to graduation, universities are beginning to experiment with adding the new “massive open online courses ”, created to deliver elite college instruction to anyone with an Internet connection.

While the courses, known as MOOCs, have enrolled millions of students around the world, most who enroll never start a single assignment, and very few complete the courses. Therefore, to reach students who are not ready for college-level work, or are struggling with introductory courses, universities are beginning to add extra supports to the online materials, in hope of improving success rates.

At San Jose State, for example, two pilot programs infuse material from online classes into the instructional mix and allow students to earn credit for them. Mohammad Qayoumi, the university’s president is enthusiastic about implementing this innovation, knowing that its failure can lead to finding out what went wrong and doing better the next time.

In one pilot program, the university is even working with Udacity, a company co-founded by a Stanford professor, to assess whether online mentors being hired and trained by the company, working round-the-clock, can help more students work  through three fully online basic math courses.

As early signs look promising, Udacity and San Jose State are planning to expand these classes to 1,000 students, and are adding new courses in psychology and computer programming, with tuition fee of only $150 a course. Such pilot courses for credit are open to both San Jose State students and local high school and community college students.

San Jose State has already achieved remarkable results, arranging circuits course with online materials from edX, a non-profit online provider, the subject being a struggle for would-be engineers. Ms. Ellen Junn, the provost believes that blending M.I.T.’s online materials with live classroom sessions will help more students to succeed. Dr. Anant Agarwal, the president of edX enthusiastically agreed to Ms. Junn’s request and arranged for San Jose State to offer the blended sessions to students, bringing out striking outcome being a success rate of 91 percent of those in the blended section, as compared with 59 percent in the traditional class. Dr. Junn says that, “We want to bring all the hyperbole around MOOCs down to reality, and really see at a granular level that’s never before been available, how well they work for undeserved students.”

San Jose State announced that next fall, it will pay a licensing fee to offer three to five more blended edX courses, probably including Harvard’s “Ancient Greek Heroes” and Berkeley’s”Artificial Intelligence.” And over the summer, it will train 11 other California State campuses to use the blended M.I.T. circuits course.

Josh Jarret, a higher education officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which in the past year has given grants to develop massive open online courses for basic and remedial courses, said “For us, 2012 was all about trying to tilt some of the MOOC attention towards the more novice learner, the low-income and first-generation students. And 2013 is about blending MOOCs into college courses where there is additional support, and students can get credit. While some low-income young adults can benefit from what I call the free-range MOOCs, the research suggests that most are going to need more scaffolding, more support.” Read more…

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10 Reasons to Hire an Online Tutor

May 1st, 2013 1 comment

In today’s blog we have shown an interesting info-graphic created by HWA, which depicts some good reasons to accentuate the need to hire an online tutor and solve the learning needs of students in today’s education scenario.


Image Credit: Help with Assignment.

How Can Students take advantage of Online Tutoring?

March 29th, 2013 No comments

Learning from online tutors has become a much sought after method . Today’s competitive and swiftly paced life, steeped with stress, has forced many parents to consider online tutorials as an additional tool to meet their children’s educational needs. Massive growth in the use of Internet based technology has accelerated the popularity of online teaching. Teaching today’s youth is no longer encumbered by borders. Online tutoring implies imparting education through the means of computer, high-speed broadband connection and other technological inputs. With the help of web interface, the student and the tutor indulge in the process of interactive learning.

Online tutoring

Before investing significantly in a dedicated online tuition, both the student and the parents have to measure the effectiveness of online tuition and identify the benefits of using internet as a tutoring platform, over the traditional method. Today’s blog details some pros and cons of taking online tuition to promote academic excellence in students.

Advantages of online tutoring to Students:

  • Online tutoring connects the student with a skilled tutor, which relieves parents of the challenge to find someone locally. A good tutorial service provider allows the student to choose his/her own tutor. Parents can be convinced about the quality of tuition the tutor may provide by having a thorough look at his profile and credentials.
  • Lesson plans, comments from tutors, diagnostic tests, and instructional content for learners are defined by the tutors. Parents can also access the same to check on the progress of their child.
  • Highly qualified teachers from remote locations can cater to demands of students in widespread areas. For e.g.: A tutor in mid west can teach a student in New York even with a 2 hour difference in their time zones. Tutors from remote areas may even offer competitive pricing as compared to tutors in New York.
  • Students can choose to take lessons at their own convenient timings and pace.
  • Tutorial services also offer one tutor per student. This is immensely helpful, since some students lack certain competence that can be positively concentrated on, when individual attention is paid to them. Through dialogue with parents, diagnostic tests, and a personalized learning plan, students can receive the type of instruction they particularly need even in advanced subjects like Maths, Statistics, Science..etc.
  • Tuition is provided by the same qualified tutor just as in regular one-to-one tuition but there is no geographic boundary. Neither the student nor the tutor spends valuable time traveling to reach each other.
  • Online tutoring is often more affordable than hiring someone to come home  to teach or work with the child at school. Private tutoring for a student in US can cost anywhere from $100 an hour or even more, while an online session with an online tutor would cost $30 an hour on an average. Registering for a monthly plan may prove more economical.
  • Schools and Universities are increasingly using online tools as teaching resources. Children become familiar with this style of learning for the future. Read more…