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Advanced features of ASP .Net Chart Control

November 29th, 2009 1 comment

This is the second part of .Net chart control and this is going to cover some advanced topic. Please go thorugh Microsoft Chart Control Tutorial before you continue this.


In this tutorial we will discuss some advanced features on .Net chart control. As our previous tutorial covers the basics of chart control, we will not discuss those same things over here. Here we focus on the advanced features primarily based on two examples:
1. Creating .Net chart from the data of an XML file
2. Creating .Net chart only by configuring ‘ChartArea’ sectionof the control from the source page
Both of these two examples also show you different features of .Net chart .

    Displaying XML data using .Net chart

We are going to mention the steps one by one to create the same things in your machine for practice: Read more…

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Chrome OS – The game changer

November 21st, 2009 No comments

Google yesterday announcing the Chrome OS , it has done what no other company has done before, it gave a challenge to Microsoft in its core business of operating system. Apple has been a dominant player and has been making inroads , but they never designed and distributed their systems for low end population.

With 7 second bootup time , the chrome OS would be nothing but a OS for a browser to run. Sure when everything has move dot web , it makes sense to focus energy and efforts towards web based applications. And they would be targeting under $200 netbooks.

And here is the smartest move form google. They did not build and OS from start and inherit all the complexities and headaches with it.  The way Apple has target high end masses , Chrome OS would be targeting low end machines.

Microsoft when trying to challenge Google and Apple in Search engine and Music player , clashes head on. Instead of finding a niche or trying to do thing differently , it duplicates the exact same functions. And they think with their cash reserves , they can do anything what they want. Some people learn the lesson hard way.

How Chrome OS would change the game , has to be been but the battle lines have been drawn.

And the winner would be … Consumer!!

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Beginner’s tutorial for ASP.NET programming – Part 2

November 12th, 2009 98 comments

This is in part 2 of the tutorial Beginner’s Tutorial for programming with ASP.NET – Part 1. Please go through this before you continue further.

Creating the Database Table

Here we will create a table called ‘LoginTable’ in our SQL Server. Please have a look at Figure-22 for the design structure of the table. This table contains two columns ‘Name’ and ‘Password’.

Figure-22: Structure of the ‘LoginTable’

Figure-22: Structure of the ‘LoginTable’

Now we will add the following data in this table Read more…

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ASP.NET programming tutorial for beginner – Part-I

November 12th, 2009 96 comments

The term .Net gives us a feeling that it is something to do only with the Internet or network related applications. Though .Net provides strong environment for creating such applications, it is also possible to create many other types of applications (Windows form based applications, Console applications, Windows custom controls etc.)

.Net is Microsoft’s development model in which software becomes platform and device independent and data becomes available over the Internet. The .Net framework is the heart of .Net. Central to the .Net framework is its runtime execution environment known as the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the code running under the control of the CLR is often termed as Managed Code.

In this tutorial we will show how to create a dynamic data driven web application in .Net environment and we also focus on understanding basic ASP.Net components for web application. Read more…

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Microsoft Chart Control Tutorial

November 3rd, 2009 18 comments

In this tutorial we will explore the Microsoft Chart Control, the new addition to .Net framework and how we can use this in our web application. So now there is no need of any third party tools to add chart and graph in our ASP.Net web application.

• Visual Studio 2008 SP1
• .Net framework 3.5 SP1
• Microsoft Chart Control (MSChart.exe)
• Visual Studio 2008 support tool for the chart control (MSChart_VisualStudioAddOn.exe)
Please note that MSChart is not compatible with .Net framework versions below 3.5 Read more…

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C# Interview questions

October 3rd, 2009 No comments

After .Net Interview questions, C# interview questions has been added on skill-guru. Take the test  and please give your feedback.

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Microsoft goes Open Source

July 22nd, 2009 No comments

Sounds very strange that the company which has been against the open source and dismissed it as a non serious player has taken the route to open source. No they are not giving away all the windows code to open source (some of you would love to have it) but they have submitted 20,000 lines of code to the Linux kernel community for inclusion in the Linux tree.

The three device drivers are being released under the GPLv2 license, which is the Linux community’s preferred license.

This comes on the heel of making SilverLight open source. Read Silver Light goes Open Source

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