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Comparison of Google’s Honeycomb OS with Apple OS

February 17th, 2011 No comments

Apple has enjoyed highest market share pie in its OS market for Tablets & Phones for the past few years. But Google’s Android OS is proving to be the tough contender for them by launching better version at consistent interval & Honeycomb OS version is the one such new product by them. Honeycomb OS version has many features which is unavailable in the Apple’s OS & is currently seen as the next biggest market player in OS market. Some of the comparison between Apple OS and Google’s Honeycomb OS are as follows:-

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Google launches Nexus One – iphone gets tough competition

January 5th, 2010 No comments

Google today launched much its much awaited phone Nexus One. Although it is very less on memory 4GB vs iPhone 16B, the TCO (total cost of ownership) is less than for 2 years.  One should also not over look the fact that this is 3rd generation iPhone which has improved a lot over its predecessor and this is Google’s first attempt into handset.

Apple has a huge community and fan base which are not going to give on it so it is to be seen who controls the market

Mashable has a very good comparison and difference between Nexus One , Droid and iPhone

Nexus One vs Droid vs iPhone

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Turn your iPhone into Joystick – iMo presents the application at TC50

September 26th, 2009 1 comment

There had been numerous applications coming for iPhone and had seen people putting some serious effort and great ideas to build these application. I was about programmers from India coming up with a  gaming application and that too for a iPhone . There were 2 reasons

a) Gaming is not much popular in India as it is in Kore, Europe or US

b) iPhone with its very high cost has been out of hands for maximum number of users.

But my doubts were laid to rest when iMo , a 2 person startup from India developed an iPhone/iTouch app that transforms your iPhone into a joystick. This would allow you it to control gameplay. iMo presented this application at techCrunch50 this year.

Judges were also impressed and as Mark Andersson, one of the jduges of techCrunch50 pointed that it can be used by 2 players to play tennis.

Not only was the application interesting , I liked the presentation done by Himanshu.  He showed some real guts.

iMo won the best presentation award at TechCrunch50

Congrats Himanshu.  Great Job.

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Are iPhones application worth the effort for a startup ?

August 30th, 2009 No comments

Ever since the iphone application store has been opened , it has seen tremendous response from the developer community. There had been so many success stories and failure stories..who wants to read a failure story.

But with 55000+ applications in iPhone store , there is a limit to revenues an application can generate. And that too when most applications are free. Read this post by a developer who had launched his application successfully but had to pull out because of lack of revenues.  I liked his reflections on failures and perhaps a lesson for all of us to learn

Why My startup failed

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Great going for Apple – More than one million iPhone 3G’S sold

June 22nd, 2009 No comments

In today’ s time of recession and all the gloom.. There is some good news for Apple .  In just three days (Friday to Sunday) Apple reported that it has sold over one million iPhone 3G’s. This number exceeded most of the analyst’s expectation and the iPhone 3G sold more than Palm Pre on its opening weekend.

Another feather to Apple’s cap was that there were over six million downloads of their iPhone OS 3.0 software since its release which is a huge number of people running the new OS in under a week.Though Steve Jobs isnt back to work yet he did make a comment that ” Customers are voting and the iPhone is winning,”. Well i would like to say Kudos to Apple :).. So go ahead either grab the IPhone 3G or go ahead and download the new OS, it definately  has some really good features (which i talked about in my previous article)..

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Apple iPhone OS 3.0 out now

June 17th, 2009 1 comment

Just a few days back Apple released its iPhone OS 3.0 which has some really cool features. This would be an upgrade to all iPhone and iPod touch users.  This Operating System would be available on an international basis and is provided free of charge to all iPhone users. The iPod touch users need to pay $9.95 for the upgrade.

The iPhone 3.0 is a major update and has many long requested features like the  cut, copy and paste, push notifications, MMS and modem tethering and landscape keyboard.

Some of the other good improvements is the support for YouTube accounts, iTunes Store account creation on the device,  direct song, movie, TV show and audiobook purchases via WiFi and these are just some of them.

Some of the other features are the spotlight search which enable to search all of your contacts, emails, calendars and everything in your iPod. The shake to shuffle feature, where all you do is give the iPhone a shake and it shuffles to a different song in your music library.

It also allows you to automatically connect to the WiFi network. There are also some features , like stereo Bluetooth or MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) that lets you send images, audio, video and locations to other cellphone users, are not possible on the first-generation iPhone and iPod touch devices due to hardware constraints.

The U.S users should be aware that updating their devices wont yet allow them to enjoy MMS and modem tethering until AT&T enables these capabilities on its cellular network

A good news for International users is that iPhone OS 3.0 is in 34 languages and supports 40 keyboard layouts. These long awaited features will definitely bring a lot of smiles to the Apple users. To update your device just log on to iTunes 8 and then click on “Check for Update”and then download and install the update.

Go ahead, upgrade and enjoy these features…

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What this blog is all about ?

June 13th, 2009 6 comments

This is the first official post on skill-guru blog. It has been very late of me to catch this blog fever. But all this time I never had anything specific to write about. I was always wondering what I could write which others would take time to read.

Do I read article written by some one else ? Perhaps No. But things really changed ever since I landed in US. I really found some very good blogs like mashable and tech crunch which provide so much insightful information on technological world and updated news.  But I swear that they have been so addictive that there is hardly any day when I do not read them.

The use fullness of a blog now dawns upon me. With Kindle from Amazon and iphone arriving in hands of people , I am sure the blogs would grow more in popularity.

So what I am going to write about. What would be covered in this blog ?

We will start with the technical stuff (that has been my forte) and some discussions around technology. This blog would also act as a guidance to college students on career .

Please feel free to add comments and tell us anything else we should cover

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