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Planning a career move : Startup or MBA ?

September 30th, 2011 No comments

After few years in their career, some folks plan on getting MBA . The motivation for an MBA is that  they their career stuck and/or  is not moving at the desired pace. . Most of these are professionals have been doing the same job for last many years (for eg IT programmers) and are looking for some different roles and job functions. For some of the folks I had known personally , it was more because they want to move up the career ladder of managing the people instead of sticking with programming.
I m not sure how many of them thought of joining a startup or doing their start up instead of going the traditional route of MBA . When you are stuck with a similar situation, what would you like to do ? In this post, I would like to share my thoughts on what could be advantages and disadvantages of joining an starup vs doing an MBA. This analogy holds true for young grads with few years of experience . Will MBA boost their chance of success in corporate world ? Or you want to be next google or facebook ?

Start ups – This is not every one’s cup of tea. As sexy it may sound by dreaming your picture to be in front page of Inc or Fortune, start up is not for every one.

The failure rate is astonishingly high(90%). It has a lot of stress, ups and down( mostly down initially) and you might end up draining yourself than what you had every thought of.
On other hand MBA are generally on a defined trajectory. You know how much it is going to cost, how much time will it take and you are very much certain /hopeful that you would get a career jump and a hike which you had been dreaming of.
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How well does your site rank on Website Grader ?

March 20th, 2010 3 comments

It was an eventful day on Thursday 18th March. I had a chance to be part of open house meeting of HubSpot. It was a mix of business networking and chance to meet CEO of HubSpot, Brian Halligan . Brian had some very good points on why one should focus on Inbound marketing these days , citing example of Barrack Obama’s presidential campaign. He also recalled his days when they started hubspot out of MIT and how tough it was in the early days. I really liked his passion of creating an successful company on East Coast , one block away from his Alma matter , MIT.

Brian also held a small contest with all the invitees .  The invitees  will pick a site and if the site rates well on Hubspot Website Grader tool which, the winner stands to win  the book , Inbound marketing authored by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. Read more…

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Turn your iPhone into Joystick – iMo presents the application at TC50

September 26th, 2009 1 comment

There had been numerous applications coming for iPhone and had seen people putting some serious effort and great ideas to build these application. I was about programmers from India coming up with a  gaming application and that too for a iPhone . There were 2 reasons

a) Gaming is not much popular in India as it is in Kore, Europe or US

b) iPhone with its very high cost has been out of hands for maximum number of users.

But my doubts were laid to rest when iMo , a 2 person startup from India developed an iPhone/iTouch app that transforms your iPhone into a joystick. This would allow you it to control gameplay. iMo presented this application at techCrunch50 this year.

Judges were also impressed and as Mark Andersson, one of the jduges of techCrunch50 pointed that it can be used by 2 players to play tennis.

Not only was the application interesting , I liked the presentation done by Himanshu.  He showed some real guts.

iMo won the best presentation award at TechCrunch50

Congrats Himanshu.  Great Job.

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Are iPhones application worth the effort for a startup ?

August 30th, 2009 No comments

Ever since the iphone application store has been opened , it has seen tremendous response from the developer community. There had been so many success stories and failure stories..who wants to read a failure story.

But with 55000+ applications in iPhone store , there is a limit to revenues an application can generate. And that too when most applications are free. Read this post by a developer who had launched his application successfully but had to pull out because of lack of revenues.  I liked his reflections on failures and perhaps a lesson for all of us to learn

Why My startup failed

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