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Convert your paper and word based documents to online quiz

May 4th, 2012 No comments
For a limited time , Skill-Guru is offering teachers and experts a unique opportunity to convert their paper and word based documents test to online quiz.We will imoprt all your contents under your account at Skill-Guru and convert them to computerized test format.
Here is how it will work
1. Send us your word doc, excel or notes , whatever you have to us. If all the contents are on paper , please scan and mail it to us .
2. Create an account as a guru at . Register as a guru
3. Send us your email id with which you have registered
4. We will import the content which might take few days to a week and mail you when it is ready.
5. Log in your account , review the contents and publish them.
The address on which these documents have to be mailed are
Feel free to mail us if you have any questions on concern.
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How creating quiz can get you an Ipad ?

April 27th, 2012 2 comments

ipadCreating quizzes can get you an Ipad ? Does it sounds like another scam on the web ?

No it is not !

If you look at Skill-Guru quiz , you would notice that one of the unique features Skill-Guru offers is creating paid quiz. What this means is that you can create a paid quiz and sell through Skill-Guru. For each sale you get to collect 80% of the net worth.

How much will that turn out to be ?

Let us do some simple math.

Suppose you create a quiz of 50 questions. There is an option to make few questions free and rest of them paid.

The quiz has 50 questions with 5 free and 45 paid questions.

Let us keep the price of quiz for $1.99. Users who take the quiz get only to see 5 questions and would pay for the balance 45.

Let us look at the price point. What can $1.99 get you ? Not even a cup of latte at Starbucks ! Users would be willing to pay $1.99 for the test if your stuff is original and good enough.

Now let us say 100 users take the test every month. Out of that 40 decided to purchase it.

80%  x 1.99 x 40 = $63.68

So on an average , you would get around $64  per month from sale of tests.  If your quiz continue to sell at same pace, you collect $764 each year. This is good enough to get you a new iPad (in US only)

Some real numbers on sale of Quiz

Let us take an example of two tests , both created by same user ikoko/Daniel.  He has created two tests Core Spring 3 Certification Mock & Core Spring 3 Mock Certification Test 2

As of April 2012, there are 4469 and 2098 test takers for these tests respectively.

From last year till 1 Jan 2011 to April 15, 2012, ikoko has earned total of $1101.66

Below are screen shots from our paypal account

paid quiz Skill-Gurupaid quiz Skill-Gurupaid quiz Skill-Guru-3

Numbers speak for themselves.

Is’nt this good enough to get you an Ipad ?

It is very simple to get started with creating quiz at skill-Guru. No monthly fees. No Set up fees.

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Create an online quiz in less than 10 minutes

December 6th, 2011 4 comments

Quiz play an important part in learning and social games. Educators have been using quiz to test how much the subject matter has been grasped by the students.

Skill-Guru offers you an easy way to create your online quiz in less than 10 minutes . These quiz are free , no monthly charges and you can create as many quiz as you want.

1. Register as a Guru . Click here to register.

If you do not wish to get your profile displayed , make sure you click the check box at the end of registration.

2. Activate your account with the password mailed at your email id.

3.  Start creating the quiz.

Features of quiz maker

  • Create unlimited free quizzes
  • Add unlimited questions
  • Add html text, color, and images to the quiz
  • Assign varying level of difficulty to questions
  • Time your quiz
  • Track test takes score through your dashboard
  • Promote your quiz through facebook and social network
  • Sell your quiz and get 80% of net from sale of quiz. For eg if you sell your quiz at $3, you will net $2.40 from each sale.

There are many features which has been planned for the quiz in future. We would like to have your feedback and suggestions on how to make this better and what features should be incorporate.

For details refer to Create free online quizzes

Some experts have already used the platform to create practice tests and quiz on the platform notably technical tests, vocabulary quiz , SAT practice tests , GMAT quiz and GRE Quiz

Skill-Guru Offer : If you have set of questions from which you would like to create quiz but do not have time, mail us the questions at and we will import the contents for you free of cost. For limited time only!!

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