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Getting a job at Google, interview questions and the hiring process

September 14th, 2010 No comments

Interested in working at google ? There are 1000 jobs opening in google.

Don Dodge has posted on How to get a job at Google, interview questions, hiring process. Helpful for those who want to be part of google.

We had posted a google SEO quiz for those of you who want to know how good they are at SEO.

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RBS US Recruitment Drive in NJ, USA

August 18th, 2010 No comments

RBS is looking to hire candidates in US to work in India . Not sure if economy is that bad in USA or it is for people willing to back to their home country.

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Do you have a mind beautiful enough for google ?

September 21st, 2009 1 comment

Google is looking for beautiful(smart) mind in M.I.T , US. read the details here Google beautiful mind puzzle

If you can break the code, you get the job

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SEO specialist as an career

September 3rd, 2009 2 comments

Jobs are scarce in this economy but in technology sector , you fill find a lots of requirements for SEO jobs (Search engine optimization) .

For those who are new to this field , you should understand SEO as an “technique, tricks and methodologies used to rank website higher in search engine” . You can read in details about SEO here .

Jobs :

Go and search for SEO on or There are lot of freelancing jobs in craigslist also available. This would give you an insight into demand for SEO specialist

Salary :

The salary can range from $45000 – $75000to or $20/per hr to $40/per hr, depending on your capability and talent.


Since this is a online work , any one who has a laptop  and internet connection can take this work.  So people from India, Philippines would be there to challenge you on this front.

How to Start :

There has been much written about SEO , black hat marketing , white hat marketing and you can find tons of materials.  From my perspective,  if you are planning to make a career in SEO you should have following

1. Create a website or a blog , which can be displayed as a proof that you know your work. A good example is Mani Karthik who write dailySeoBlog.  If you have such a good blog then people will know you have got talent and can hire you on high rates.

2.  Start posting articles on the blog on a subject area you are comfortable with.

3. Familiarize with tools like alexa, google page rank, keyword finder .  You can find link of some tools in our forum.

4. Start following sites like, read Matt Cutts blog , Avainash Kaushik . You will learn so much by reading these people’s blogs.

5. Create a google analytics and google webmaster account. Create a bing websmater account also.

Configure your site/blog with these tools and review the results periodically.

These are good starting points.  I will add more later

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