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Teachers can find avenues for additional Income on the internet

Teaching can be a very satisfying and rewarding career. Every single day in a teacher’s life is like a new lesson opened, as he has to think of innovative ways to bring forth his knowledge to teach his disciple. Being an educator fills a vital need in every child’s development. However, the pay that many teachers receive does not adequately reflect their efforts and contributions they make to the society, which has forced many to look for employment opportunities in addition to teaching. A good number of teaching professionals have thus realized that working online is profitable, convenient, and can be very easy to access with just a little knowledge about the Internet. Teachers already deal with many tasks online as they utilize the Internet to research information on a theme that they may want to cover in the class.

Earning for tutors

Today’s post covers some such avenues on the internet, that the teachers can look for, to make additional income.

  • Sell educational content on Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers pay Teachers is an online open marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational resources in downloadable formats. It is a unique site that allows interested teachers to sell their thematic lesson plans, teaching guides, research papers, worksheets etc online to other teachers. Any teacher from any discipline at any grade level can take up membership here. Basic membership is free while Premium members are charged a minimal registration fee.

TPTBasic Sellers earn 60% of their gross sales less the transaction fees, while Premium Sellers earn 85% of their gross sales and do not have to pay any transaction fees. Sellers get paid on a quarterly basis via Pay Pal.

Teacherspayteachers.com currently has about 300,000 items for sale in addition to more than 80,000 free resources. More than 1 million teachers have bought or sold items on Teacherspayteachers.com since its inception. Site founder Paul Edelman confirmed that teachers have earned $5 million in sales during August and September. After paying for the site fees, teachers have collectively earned more than $20 million on the site since it was founded.

  • Build and sell courses on Udemy

Udemy is an online platform that gives instructors a place to design courses on any topic they want to teach. Instructors can use video, PowerPoint, PDF, audio, zip files and live classes to conveniently build a course and share their expertise with anyone across the world, with an internet connection. Udemy brings to the Internet real opportunities for passionate people as it allows not only instructors affiliated with educational institutions, but anyone with a common objective, to potentially earn money for teaching audiences across all kinds of categories and subjects. Paid instructors receive 70% of the revenue from course sales, while 30% is retained by Udemy.

According to Udemy, teaching is the new way to make six figures on the Web . The 2-year-old, San Francisco based start-up claims that their top 10 instructors have individually made more than $50,000 in revenue last year, while the top instructor has earned $200,000. Udemy has 6,000 courses created since its launch in 2010 and there are more than 70,000 lecture views every month. Taking a look at the salaries of top 10 instructors on Udemy confirms success in their objective.

Some interesting reports released by Udemy:

  1. Udemy was launched in 2010.
  2. $16 million has been raised through funding.
  3. Udemy has over 5,000 courses and attracts over 400,000 registered students.
  4. A quarter of Udemy Instructors earn over $10,000 on an average, from their courses.
  5. Instructor Victor Bastos has earned $325,000 from his class on web development.
  6. Photographer David Nightingale has made $31,000 in four months teaching the art of black and white photography.

Another interesting feature of Udemy is its social marketing component. When a potential student clicks on a course, the instructor’s profile is listed along with the course description. Students can recommend favoured courses to their Facebook and Twitter profiles, and both students and professors can be followed from within the course’s home page, creating possibilities of cross sales.

  • Create and sell online quizzes with Skill Guru

Online quizzes have a great potential to reach the world-wide mass, unlike, the traditional pen and paper quiz, which calls for efficient marketing and distribution strategies. Instructors can thus see an alternative to make added income by creating paid quiz and practice tests and sell them online.

Creating online quiz is now an easy task with loads of multimedia help available on the Web. Committing to provide educational information, Skill-Guru is a professional website that also encourages tutors to create online quiz for free. Creating paid quizzes can earn a good return of 80% of the net sale for no monthly fees or set-up fee.

For tutors who need a quick yet simple way to create online quiz, Skill-Guru offers the most convenient and fastest solution. It just takes 3 steps to get started and create online quiz on Skill-Guru.

1. Register as a Guru with a valid email ID.

2. Login for the first time using details sent to the registered email address.

3. Get started to create online quiz for free.

Many tutors on Skill-Guru have earned extra income by creating paid online quizzes on versatile topics. A mock test created by a tutor on Skill Guru on Spring Certification has been viewed many times over and has received very good response from users. The users have found great value in the $0.99 test and thus the test creator Ikoko, has been able to make a good income of over $1000 by creating paid quizzes on Skill-Guru.

The Internet thus provides ample avenues for teachers to earn additional income. The biggest advantage of such jobs is that they are usually done from home and can reach groups and individuals across the world. Online education business is extremely lucrative and a scalable business opportunity for anyone having a subject matter expertise and some basic knowledge to use the internet.

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