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What is required for creating a popular quiz ?

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In the last post , we had talked about how creating quizzes can get you an Ipad. In this post we will talk about what it takes to create quiz which will be popular with the users. It is important to create an effective quiz which will be popular with users.

Understand your audience

You should have pretty good understanding of who your target audience are. Students , professionals , teachers, hobbyist , it could be anyone. The quiz should be designed to their specific requirements and narrowed down to specific topic. for eg a student who is on high school would be taking SAT and a software professional who wants to specialize on oracle would be more interested in Oracle certification.

Keywords and title

The title of the quiz should be limited to 65 characters and be specific for eg SAT Practice Test is not good. SAT Math practice test would be more specific. It is true that users search for a general keyword but sticking to your specifics, would help you gain more visibility

Quality of Content

Plagiarism is bad! If you copied the content and adding no value to it, it is not going to work out. It might also result in your quiz being pulled down if some one flags you. The content has to be authentic and provide value to the reader.

Good explanation

After someone has taken the quiz, a user would like to review his/her mistakes. Against each correct answer, if a reason is provided as to why is that correct, it is very helpful.

Act on the feedback

People talk about what they like and what they don’t. They would put comment on quiz , send mail or leave comments on blog. Listen to what they are saying. They are the real users whose feedback will help turn quiz better.

Some of ours users have been updating the contents based on feedback and their tests have been doing pretty well.

Listen to your users:

Skill-Guru provides a feature to get email if someone posts a comment on your quiz. If you have enabled, you will get a email if any user puts comment on the quiz. Ikoko has been very prompt in answering to users comments and modifying the content based on feedback.

Respond to comments

There is another feature in Skill-Guru which allows the guru to respond to user’s comment.. It is a good practice to respond to users comment. Others users which comes to quiz page, will realize that their feedback is being considered.

Update the contents frequently

Once the curriculum changes or there are have been some updates on the subject matter for which you have created quiz, you have to ensure that you keep on updating the contents.

I hope these tips would be helpful to you. This has been compiled based on our experience from last couple of years and based on user feedback.

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