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How creating quiz can get you an Ipad ?

ipadCreating quizzes can get you an Ipad ? Does it sounds like another scam on the web ?

No it is not !

If you look at Skill-Guru quiz , you would notice that one of the unique features Skill-Guru offers is creating paid quiz. What this means is that you can create a paid quiz and sell through Skill-Guru. For each sale you get to collect 80% of the net worth.

How much will that turn out to be ?

Let us do some simple math.

Suppose you create a quiz of 50 questions. There is an option to make few questions free and rest of them paid.

The quiz has 50 questions with 5 free and 45 paid questions.

Let us keep the price of quiz for $1.99. Users who take the quiz get only to see 5 questions and would pay for the balance 45.

Let us look at the price point. What can $1.99 get you ? Not even a cup of latte at Starbucks ! Users would be willing to pay $1.99 for the test if your stuff is original and good enough.

Now let us say 100 users take the test every month. Out of that 40 decided to purchase it.

80%  x 1.99 x 40 = $63.68

So on an average , you would get around $64  per month from sale of tests.  If your quiz continue to sell at same pace, you collect $764 each year. This is good enough to get you a new iPad (in US only)

Some real numbers on sale of Quiz

Let us take an example of two tests , both created by same user ikoko/Daniel.  He has created two tests Core Spring 3 Certification Mock & Core Spring 3 Mock Certification Test 2

As of April 2012, there are 4469 and 2098 test takers for these tests respectively.

From last year till 1 Jan 2011 to April 15, 2012, ikoko has earned total of $1101.66

Below are screen shots from our paypal account

paid quiz Skill-Gurupaid quiz Skill-Gurupaid quiz Skill-Guru-3

Numbers speak for themselves.

Is’nt this good enough to get you an Ipad ?

It is very simple to get started with creating quiz at skill-Guru. No monthly fees. No Set up fees.

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  1. Parveen
    May 10th, 2012 at 00:18 | #1

    Online Quiz tool always helpful for the students to increase our knowledge. You’ve said it all beautiful. I think this is good idea to get a Ipad by create a quiz questions and I know my students will have a blast with it.

  2. Vinod
    May 4th, 2012 at 05:04 | #2

    Quizzes are very effective tool for teaching and learning process. Online quizzes are the trusted tool for the students to enhance their knowledge as well as to perform better in their examinations. That’s the great idea to get an Ipad by creating the quiz questions. It will encourage expert and students to prepare the best quizzes.

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