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Submitting your android app to Amazon Appstore

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In last post we had mentioned about Amazon opens App Store to android developers.  Now let us take you through a short tutorial on how to submit your android app to Amazon.

Out of hundreds of android apps it is very difficult to identify genuine applications. Developers have been looking forward for an android portal similar to apple store where applications are screened for quality and liability. In order to help out Android users in this direction, Amazon has taken the first step of screening android applications before being marketed. Also with the proven marketing strategies of Amazon developers can be sure that their product is going to reach the masses.

Why Amazon Appstore for USERS ?

1) Currently Android Market does not allow you to down apps onto your PC. But with Amazon you can download apps both onto your PC and from your mobile devices.

2) App recommendations based on previous purchases, browse, search refinement etc. makes it possible to find apps.

3) All Android devices with OS 1.6 and higher are supported.

4) Both paid and free apps are available in the Amazon appstore.

5) Amazon Appstore Distribution Agreement is non-exclusive. Hence all apps in the Android Market can also be found in the Amazon Appstore.

Why Amazon Appstore for DEVELOPERS ?

1) In android market hundreds of new apps come in every day and chances of people identifying your app is less. But in case Amazon Appstore, app recommendations based on previous purchases increase chances of people downloading your app.

2) You will have access to existing Amazon customers who are in millions.

3) Amazon promises to pay to 70% of the sale price.

4) You can any time access to your profile, payment information, application submission and management tools, and sales and financial reporting.

Creating Account and Submitting Apps

1)    Click on the below link and register for an Amazon account


2)    Type in your E-mail address and select “ I am a new customer”  and click on “Sign in using secure server”.

Note: You can login through your previous Amazon account if you have any.

3)    Fill the required fields and click “create account”.

You will see a welcome screen and click on “Get Started”.

4)    Fill in your  detailed account information

5)    Accept License Agreement

6)    Pay registration fee as applicable

7)    Select type of  your apps (free/paid) and finally click “save”

8)    Now you have successfully created your developer account. In your home screen click on “Add New App”

9)    Fill in appropriate details about your app.

10) Fill in the content ratings

11) Upload multimedia for promotional purposes

12) Finally upload your .apk  file under  “Upload Binary”  and  click “Submit app”

Additional Information for Developers

1)    Developers can upload unlimited number of images, videos and description for merchandising.

2)    Following are the minimum assets required for submitting the app.

*. A small icon

*. A thumbnail (a larger version of the icon

*. Minimum of three screenshots that depict your application.

3)    Your assets must confirm following specifications

*. Icon                   114 X 114 pixels

*. Thumbnail         512 X 512 pixels

*. Screenshots      480 X 800 pixels or 800 X 480 pixels

*. Icon image files must be in PNG format.

*. GIF files are not allowed.

4)    Specifications for Video

*. Max File Size: 30 megabytes (MB)
*. Max Duration: 2 minutes
*. Format: H.264 MP4
*. Resolution: 720 x 405 (16:9)
*. Bit rate: 1200 kbps

5)    After submission you app will be in one of the below described status. Your will be notified when each state of your app changes.

*. Incomplete
The  application is missing some of the fields required for submission to the Amazon Appstore.
*. Ready to Submit
The application is ready to be submitted to the Amazon Appstore.
*. Submitted
The application has been submitted for review and it can no longer be edited. At this time you can cancel the request for review and have back the ability to edit your app.
*. Under Review
The application is being reviewed by the Amazon Appstore Team it can no longer be edited.
*. Approved
The application has completed the review process and it is ready for the Appstore.
*. Live
The application is now live on the store.
*. Pending
When the application is in this status you will receive an e-mail from our team explaining why the review process for your app was paused and asking you to perform some action.
*. Rejected
The application has not passed the review process. You will receive an e-mail from the Amazon Appstore team explaining the reasons for the failed approval.
*. Suppressed
The application was live at one point but currently is no longer on the store.

6)    When pointing to other apps from within your app, including up-sells, completion of purchase must be from the Amazon Appstore.

To point to your app for marketing purposes, the URL has two components separated by a backslash; these are: http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/dl/android/[package name]. (where [package name] is your package name).

The link will become active once the app you’re linking to becomes live in the Amazon.com app store. Within the application approval email, you will receive the unique URL for your application.

7) Payments are made on the monthly basis. All payments are in US dollars. Developer gets 70% of sale price or 20% of list price which ever is higher.

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  1. Cleone Wright
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    If you submit an android subscription app to Amazon, is it OK to use Credit Card/Debit Card and Paypal as payment methods? Or will they expect to use another form of payment?



  2. Jonis
    February 20th, 2013 at 05:44 | #2

    Submitting to Amazon Appstore is the most important step to do but not the only one. You should submit your app to every other site that accepts submissions, this way you increase your chances to have people view your app. This guy http://www.bestfreeandroidapps.com/submit-android-app/ has a list of dozens of android sites that accept submissions.

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