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Amazon opens App Store to android developers

Amazon has entered into app store market by launching its own App store. This morning  Amazon AppStore Developer program . Yes it will be android apps only . But this gives another platform for developers to create and sell their app.



This is close to on heels of Launching Kindle development Kit , which was in limited beta.

They are waiving $99 program fees for the first year which is a very welcome move.

What is the criteria for approving apps ?

Nothing has been said in this regard but my guess is that they will stay away from pornographic and controversial apps. Of course they would not block apps like google voice !!

This could be more beneficial to developers because

1. Amazon’s brand name and recognition

2.Millions of new and registered users who daily visit amazon

Amazon can help market the web apps through the related items. for eg if you are purchasing an ebook or hardbound on Java certification , amazon could show related apps below in “Frequently Bought Together” or “Sponsored Links”

app add on amazon

app add on amazon

This is my thought and could very well happen as they have started selling 3rd party items and advertisers can market on Amazon.

I am not sure if in future , would kindle start integrating apps although for now it is strictly an ebook reader. Wild Imagination ..yes but who would have though few years back that eBook and Tablet would become such a rage.

I see content and application converging sometime in future.

Update : If you are looking to submit your app to amazon , here are step by step instructions Submitting your android app to Amazon Appstore

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