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Hibernate interview questions

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Hibernate is one of the most popular ORM frameworks.

A new test on hibernate hibernate interview questions , has been added at Skill-Guru. This test has questions on code level to challenge your knowledge and to test how deeply you understand hibernate. The problems outlined in this test are the ones which you would have encountered in day to day working with hibernate.

Some of the Questions in this test are

The second level caching has been enabled in hibernate but the tests show that the select queries still hit the database. What could be wrong here ?

Which of the following is true for composite primary keys   in hibernate?

What is true for session.flush() in hiberante ?

I have a table which does not define any primary key. How can this table be mapped in hibernate

In which of the scenarios outlined below , can session.merge() can be used ?

What is the first level caching in hibernate ?

Skill-guru has some very good tests on hibernate

Hibernate Essentials

Hibernate interview questions 1

Hibernate interview questions 2

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    Thanks Akass. You can add them to Skil-guru also

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    here i have collected lots of Hibernate Interview Questions and Answers

    kindly have a look this would help you a lot


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