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Google to help in making your website faster

November 5th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Google is obsessed with speed and it had indicated in past that it will penalize sites in rankings which are slow . Of course people love google because of the speed with which it can give accurate search results. Slow sites will do more harm to google.

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Now google has released a module for apache http server called mod_pagespeed to reduce the response time and would make your site faster.

From google’s official blog

So today, we’re introducing a module for the Apache HTTP Server called mod_pagespeed to perform many speed optimizations automatically. We’re starting with more than 15 on-the-fly optimizations that address various aspects of web performance, including optimizing caching, minimizing client-server round trips and minimizing payload size. We’ve seen mod_pagespeed reduce page load times by up to 50% (an average across a rough sample of sites we tried) — in other words, essentially speeding up websites by about 2x, and sometimes even faster.

Google is testing out with GoDaddy as of now to see the performance improvement . We will keep you posted on how individual users working with other service providers or those who have site hosted on VPS , can add this module to their web server.

Make your site faster with google

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