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Performance issue in IE 7 java Script Engine

In one of my earlier post  Performance Improvement with Firefox ,  I had mentioned how we had to switch to firefox for our application response time in IE.  Andres in his post Garbage Collection in IE7 heavily impacted by number of JavaScript objects and string sizes is sharing his experience with performance issue in IE 7 java Script Engine .  One of his key recommendations , Be careful with string allocations and objects in memory -> GC in IE7 performs really badly

There is another presentation by Frank on browser problem in AJAX application in which he used PushToTest TestMaker to drive an Ajax application on IE 6 and 7 and on Firefox 3. to find out why some Selenium tests of Ajax applications were running at 3 minutes while the same test on a different browser took 30 minutes. You can find the details here Browser problems in AJAX applications

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