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Analytics for twitter

November 27th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Google Analytic is the default freeware tool for monitoring the website traffic . It has also been used effectively to measure the traffic of blog. I have been wondering if there are any tools to monitor the twitter statistics. With twitter comes a typical problem that those users may or may not come to your site. So how do you monitor the effectiveness of twitter. Some tools for twitter are

  • Twitter Analyzer – Did not find much usage except that it gives a graph of how much tweets you have done
  • twitalyzer – Provides Influence,  Signal , Generosity, Trend , Velocity of your twitter account
  • Klout -  I am not going to write much about clout because Avinash Kauushik has given a very detailed explanation on Klout in this post twitter quantitative qualitative analysis.
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