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Identifying keywords and sources for landing pages of site

September 3rd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Either you should be born smart. Else you should stay with people smarter than yourself so that you can learn from them.

I am not born super smart so I try to learn from smart people. And I try to stay in their company by reading their blogs (this is a smart way !!)

One such person in field of search engine optimization is Avinash Kaushik. I had been using google analytics for 6 months but was never aware of some very powerful features . In his recent post , Six Tips For Improving High Bounce / Low Conversion Web Pages , Avinash explained how could use google analytics to identify the visitors of landing pages.

Go to your analytics account. Clock on Contents on left side. You will see the pages which users had visited.

Select a page and then select Content detail from the browser as below. Here you can see entrance keywords and entrance sources for this page


Once you drill into details , you can find the keywords and sources for your site. With the keywords you can guess if the user has landed on the right page. If not , then you have an idea as to why your bounce rate has been high. The page should have the contents for which the users has been searching and it should be very well written in first paragraph or the heading.

Therefore do not stuff your pages with unnecessary keywords else it is going to piss of your users.

This feature will also help you to drill into details of your campaign , if the campaign has been generating user response , people are staying on your site or not.

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