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John Chow vs Google

Many years ago John Chow started getting steam as a blogger and told Google to goto hell. John sold paid links, paid reviews, and did massive amounts of reciprocal link exchanges to gain tons of back links. All of which fall under the penalty of death under google’s kingdom

John was given the death penalty and completely removed from the Google Index. Many people wrote about this and how Google was owning John and he was done for.

But with banned by google , a strange thing happened. His popularity and brand grew. Now it was the success story of how you really don’t really need Google to succeed on the internet.

Search traffic for john chow was growing but nobody could find him on Google. What people were finding was infringing sites like johncow or notjohnchow who were only getting traffic because they were ranking for John’s name.

Always being creative and realizing that Google penalizes the domain, but not the link, John registered Johnchow.ca and redirected GoogleBot to that domain. Within days Johnchow.ca started ranking for all the phrases that johnchow.com used to. But google did not liked it and within couple days Johnchow.ca was penalized as bad as JohnChow.com.

But looks like JohnChow is back in google search and that too at a very good rank !!

Thanks to ShoeMoney for this post

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