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Problems with debugging with Firefox 3.5 and firebug ?

I upgraded my browser to  new version of Firefox 3.5 and then upgraded all the add ons which I was using , particularly Firebug . I  am now using Firebug 1.4.0b4

There has been some changes in the new version of firebug as compared to old 1.3 version. You can read the changes from their blog here FireBug1.4

One of the problems I faced was activating the tabs. I had to explicitly activate the script tab and the console tab.

Second issue was debugger. My debugger was not running even though i had set the break points. When I went through the blog post  of firebug, I understood the reason.

You would have to enable the firebug by either popping it in a new window or always keeping it up. If you minimize it , it will assume that you are suspending firebug and will not get activated.

Since my buttons were at bottom of page, I had to minimize the firebug which caused the debugger to be suspended.

So I popped the firebug in new window , reloaded the page and my debugger starts to work.

Happy firebugging!!!

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